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2021 Season - 5/17/21 UPDATE

We are excited to announce that we will have a 2021 NCWSA racing season!

Registration opens May 30th and proof of full vaccines are required at the time of registration.

Please visit HERE for very important details. 

See our 2019 NCWSA Summer Series and Annual Awards photos on our Racing page HERE

Cash is no longer accepted at Edgewater Yacht Club.

*Please note that EYC only accepts credit/debit cards if you do not have an EYC membership. 


Come Race with Us!

North Coast Women's Sailing Association
     Our mission is to empower women to become more actively involved in sailboat racing through regattas and clinics, and to create a spirit of good fellowship among members.

     Hosted by Edgewater Yacht Club, NCWSA provides scheduled races, educational meetings and social events throughout the year. NCWSA is dedicated to the development and training of women racers, but we encourage the guys to be active in coaching, training, race committee, and other supportive roles.

*go team* ~ _/)

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