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Do's and Don't of serving on Race Committee

Friday, June 09, 2017 1:27 PM | Anonymous

Hello Racers! Our beloved PRO (Principal Race Officer) for the 2017 NCWSA Racing Season James Snyder (buy him a beer!!) has provided us with a few dos and don'ts for us when we are serving as Race Committee (RC). His wise words follow. If you have questions, absolutely ask them before you're up for RC. 

Your friendly PRO’s “Do’s and Don’ts” for Race Committee Duty:

1.  Be on time.  Dock time is ONE hour before the First Warning (i.e. If First Warning is 18:55, Dock time is17:55).  Be sure to have used the facilities beforehand as the accommodations on the committee vessels are “limited.” The longer you take, the longer it takes to get out and start setting up the course, which in turn, causes undo angst among the participants and committee.

2.  Be sure to dress as if you are going sailing. Bring foul weather gear if the weather calls for it and a life jacket (we have some on board, but….ick!)

3.  Be willing to try new things.  Most tasks are pretty straight forward-setting marks, raising flags, taking notes, times and finishes. Sometimes it may require going up to the bow of the boat and sounding a horn and signaling a course change.  ALSO, be willing to listen.

4. Occasionally, the PRO will get upset.  It is almost always because of the PRO.  Do not take it personally.  Unless you do something unsafe, everything will be fine.  The AP flag is our friend when things go wrong.

5.  NO drinking of alcohol or ingesting of other recreational substances prior to working race committee please. No need to explain, and if there is… then you may need help.

6.  NO unnecessary talking when we are in sequence.  The last minute before the start especially is when everyone must concentrate and be listening to instructions.  Questions are happily answered- unless we are in sequence.

7.  NO talking to the competitors.  You can say hi, but all race communications should be through the PRO.  Most of the information they need should be in the NOR or SI’s.

8.  NO overt cheering.  It is just bad form, as a member of the committee you should remain impartial.

9.  RELAX, have fun and learn.  This is not the America’s Cup.  Almost no one will be keel-hauled for making a mistake.


NCWSA encourages women to become more actively involved in sailboat racing through regattas and clinics, and to create a spirit of good fellowship among members. 


Hosted by Edgewater Yacht Club, NCWSA provides scheduled races, educational meetings, and social events throughout the year.  Although NCWSA is dedicated to the development and training of women sailors, NCWSA encourages men to be active in coaching, training, race committee, and other supportive roles.

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