The benefits of PRACTICE

Monday, July 25, 2016 11:30 AM | Anonymous

by Cheri Morabito

I was impressed by something I read in Buddy Melges’ book, Sailing Smart.  I always planned to keep it as my “secret” weapon,” but it’s really worth sharing with everyone.

. . .certain basic maneuvers will have to be perfected before you get out onto the course. The basic moves are tacking, gybing, and going around marks. 

You must practice making a tack so many times that you and your crew can literally mark, on the floor of the boat, where each foot goes, where the right foot goes, where the left foot goes, how you will hit the weather rail, and how everyone will get out over the side. The sequence must be executed the same way every time . . .

(These maneuvers) can win more for you, more consistently than fancy tactics used by more experienced sailors.

Because I practice something like tacking more than most competitors, I know that when i start tacking against them, they are going to be slower, even though they have better speed through the water on a straight line.

. . Gain the confidence that you can do the basics better than anyone else. You will have them beaten, and they won’t even know it!

Buddy Melges, Sailing Smart 

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