Reasons to Love a Woman Sailor

Thursday, March 20, 2014 12:30 PM | Anonymous

by Liz Wilber 

Women sailors are a breed of their own. Whether or not you grew up around the sailing lifestyle, or just got started, it can wreak havoc on your personal life. It's a difficult lifestyle to explain to peers, co-workers, friends and potential dates. 

In an effort to help explain women sailors, I've compiled a list on:

Reasons to Love a Woman Sailor

1. We know what to do when things get rough. Out on the water and get caught in a squall? Best thingto do is drop the sails and weather the storm. Also a great practice in life. We know when to wait out bad situations.

2. If we capsize, we right ourselves and get back in the race. Sure, we might be soaking wet and uncomfortable, but we try again.

3. We abide by the rules and are self-governing.

When we break a rule or foul a competitor during a race, we do penalty circles. We're honest and upfront with someone if we've wronged them. (Unfortunately, spinning around a few times does not clear you of an argument with a spouse...)

4. We're fantastic at trimming sails because we know exactly how to use curves and fullness to our advantage.

5. We accelerate and thrive in pressure. Heck, we seek it out and aim for it on the water.

6. We're not afraid to tack or gybe. If the direction we're headed is not working out as hoped, we're not afraid to go the other way and try something new.

"Hourglass" figures may be feminine,but they are NOT desirable in spinnakers.

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