What you need to know about a Regatta:

What to expect at the 2022 NCWSA Regatta

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Racing Rules:

  • Did you know that the The Racing Rules of Sailing for 2021-2024 are available as an app on your smartphone? Get it at US Sailing

Lightning Boat Resources

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Adult Learn to Sail through THE FOUNDRY


Right /Left  Starboard/Port Confusion?

Take this test to see the difficulty the human brain has
discerning left from right:


VERY interesting:  The Physics of Sailing



The Racing Rules of Sailing 2021-2024

Learn the Racing Rules of Sailing

Basics of Sailboat Racing

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American Sailing Association

ASA Sailing Challenge App

Practice Your Knots!

Animated Knots

American Sailing Association

Free Online Sailing Course

ASA's Knots Made Easy

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Take the US Sailing Safety At Sea online course

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US Sailing Basic Keel Boat Online Course

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BoatUS online courses including Learn to Sail

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Udemy online courses on sailing, electronics, weather, navigation, etc.

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Online courses at NauticEd

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Offshore Sailing School Online Sailing Course

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SailNet Racing Articles

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Scuttlebutt's Top Picks for Best Books for Sailboat Racers

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15 Sailing Movies to Watch If You Have To Stay At Home

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Watch Maiden - the documentary about the first all-female crew in the Whitbread Round the World yacht race in 1989

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Winter Exercises for Sailors

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More Winter Exercises for Sailors

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Play Sailing Charades With Your Friends!

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From American Sailing Association

5 Ways to Keep (sort of) Sailing During the Winter

Sailing Jeopardy

Start Game

Fun Trivia

Sailing Facts

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