Some Important things to note about Board Positions:

  • Anyone can be nominated or apply for any board position EXCEPT Commodore and Race Chair (Those positions are filled from the Vice-Commodore and Assistant Race Chair positions). Members are asked to make (at least) a 2 year commitment (2 years (minimum) required for Race chairs, Vice- Commodore, and Commodore)
  • ALL of these positions are Management level - MUCH support will be given to perform the duties of the position, but minimal instruction will be provided regarding the actual performance of duties
  • Some positions require pre-existing skill-sets to be eligible for holding the position

Treasurer: Experience with maintaining finances for a group or organization

Internet: Must have experience with Website design and maintenance, GoogleDocs, MS Office, Paypal, and Webmail. Proven experience in identifying and implementing current and future trends in using internet tools to maintain the internet presence and organizing tools of NCWSA

Newsletter: Must function as Editor, Proofreader, Publisher, (and Writer, as needed). Must know how to create a newsletter online, must know web design/html.

Public Relations: Experience using social media (primarily Facebook)

Membership: MS Excel and Word

Board Member Duties
Excerpted from NCWSA_ProceduresCURRENT.pdf


Section 1. 

The elected Board shall consist of a Commodore, Vice-Commodore, Secretary, Treasurer, Racing Chair, Assistant Racing Chair, Education Chair, Internet Chair, Social Chair, Membership Chair, Newsletter Chair, Public Relations Chair, and Board Member-at-Large. Their duties may include those listed below. 

The Commodore shall: 

a. Preside at all meetings of the Board and general membership. 

b. Oversee all NCWSA activities and guide the group toward fulfilling the NCWSA mission. 

c. Act as liaison to the hosting club and its management. 

d. Guide the budgeting and financial process. 

e. Organize an Audit Committee to perform annual year-end audit, which shall include the Commodore, Secretary, current Treasurer, past Treasurer, and one general member. 

f. With input from the Board, appoint a Nominating Committee Chair. 

g. Appoint the 3-member Competition Fund Committee before calendar year-end for the upcoming year. 

The Vice-Commodore shall: 

a. Preside at meetings in the absence of the Commodore. 

b. Act as liaison to the US Sailing Association and any affiliated sailing/yachting associations the NCWSA chooses to join, and to maintain/renew membership to those organizations. 

c. With the Commodore’s approval, implement and plan fundraising events and appoint an Event Chairman. 

d. Act as liaison with insurance carrier; apply, renew and report policy information to Board and members. 

e. Be responsible for merchandise sales. 

The Secretary shall: 

a. Record and distribute minutes of all NCWSA and general membership meetings. 

b. Maintain a file for NCWSA correspondence, newsletters, flyers, news articles and promotional material. 

c. Serve as custodian of all official documents of the organization. 

d. Participate on the Audit Committee. 

e. Compile electronic copies with current year minutes, Racers and any other electronic documents (e.g., regatta information) created by other Board members. Make 3 copies (One each for incoming Commodore and Secretary and office copy for the Chart Room cabinet). 

The Treasurer shall: 

a. Serve as the custodian of all funds and maintain records of all transactions, including fundraising activities. 

b. Be responsible for the collection and distribution of monies. 

c. Prepare annual budget with input from Board, initiate budgeting process, and prepare annual financial statements to present to general membership. 

d. Oversee completion and filing of tax returns. 

e. Participate on Audit Committee. 

The Racing Chair and Assistant Racing Chair shall: 

a. Coordinate NCWSA race series including: 

1. Facilitate team selection process; 

2. Sailing instructions; 

3. Race committee boats and personnel; 

4. Communication with skippers, boat owners, and coaches. 

b. Attend hosting club's Fleet Captain Meetings and coordinate race committee tasks provided by NCWSA to hosting club. 

c. Appoint appropriate Fleet Captains and Fall Regatta Chair. 

d. Assist in promoting race program, clinics and regatta; inform members of upcoming women's sailing events. 

e. Communicate with hosting club manager and other personnel regarding organization's racing activities. 

The Education Chair shall: 

a. In conjunction with Board and hosting club, coordinate regular sailing and racing education at membership meetings and special clinics, including booking meeting sites. 

b. Work with the Race Chair in organizing the PREP group during the racing season. 

c. Formulate and publish schedule of events at the first general meeting of the year and in appropriate publications throughout the year. 

d. Maintain a source of educational materials related to sailing and racing, including Red Cross and other opportunities for new sailors. 

e. Manage sale of educational materials. 

f. Coordinate room set-up for monthly meetings with EYC Clubhouse manager (tables, if needed, chairs, audio video equipment, etc.) 

The Internet Chair shall: 

a. Maintain and update NCWSA Website, including uploading current Racer, racing calendar, current forms, home page, etc. 

b. Maintain PayPal configuration(s) and setup new configurations as needed 

c. Setup Google Docs documents, as needed/requested by the Board 

d. Check and maintain Yahoo! Mail, including: 

1. Regularly check for messages, address changes, and spam. 

2. Maintain mailing list from Membership Chair’s list. Mailing list year is May to May, with updates maintained through the year as needed. 

3. Forward mail to appropriate Board members. 

e. Utilize social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. Work with PR Chair to facilitate member communications and publicize NCWSA 

f. Stay current with continuing technologies that may benefit NCWSA (communications, membership portals, email, etc.) and utilize as appropriate. 

The Social Chair shall

a. Work with Public Relations and Membership Chairs to coordinate functions that promote NCWSA and encourage membership, including social events, post-race gatherings, and the Fall Regatta. 

The Public Relations Chair shall: 

a. Work with Education, Race, Social and Membership Chairs to publicize functions that promote NCWSA and encourage new and renewed memberships. 

b. Maintain existing external and internal communication vehicles  and 

c. Develop new opportunities to publicize NCWSA. Vehicles may include: 

1. Write and distribute press releases; 

2. Social Media 

3. Compile photo album of activities; 

4. Work with Internet Chair to have promotional materials on hosting club's website or bulletin board. 

5. Write a monthly article for hosting club’s publication. 

The Membership Chair shall

a. Maintain database of members and supporters in order to: 

1. Report crew/skipper eligibility for participation in race program 

2. Provide demographic and other analytical information 

b. Work with Social, Member-at-Large, and Public Relations Chairs to coordinate programs which promote NCWSA and improve membership. 

c. Coordinate drive to renew existing memberships. 

d. Respond in timely manner to requests for information from prospective members. 

e. Collect Membership dues and forward to the Treasurer. 

The Newsletter Chair shall: 

a. Gather and edit information from Board and members for publication in newsletter. Articles are due from the Board on or around the 10th of the month for the following month’s issue. 

b. Be responsible for creation, publishing, and distribution of monthly newsletter on or around the 20th of each month, but no later than last Tuesday of the month. Provide a PDF to Internet Chair for the website. 

c. Work with Public Relations and Internet Chairs to inform membership of all meetings, races, special events, and voting issues through mass email, newsletter, social media, and/or the website. 

The Board Member-at-Large shall: 

a. Seek out members with special skills and encourage their involvement with the organization and its activities. 

b. Act as a voice of the general membership to the Board. 

c. Assist with Board activities as needed, including coordinating the Volunteer Service Requirement, when applicable. 

d. Assist the Public Relations Chair with internal public relations. 

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