It’s time for you and your team to submit nominations for NCWSA’s Awards! 

Members, coaches and boats from ALL fleets - JAM, T-10 and PREP - are eligible for these awards.

Coach of the Year

Volunteer of the Year

Most Improved Sailor of the Year

Rookie of the Year

TEAM Excellence Awards

These are highly coveted awards and worth a few moments to think about and put together. 

Please email your nominations (or questions) by Monday September 26th to Nadja

Just write the name and a sentence or two about who you think deserve these awards, and why.

The NCWSA board will review the nominations and make the final decisions.

Awards will be presented at the October 4th Awards and Appreciation Night.

TEAM Excellence Award

Awarded since 2001, the Team Excellence award highlights Exemplified Teamwork through excellence in the Corinthian Spirit* of competition. (Note: you may nominate your own team for the TEAM Excellence Award. PREP and RACING eligible.)

TEAM is:

T - Teaching    E - Educating    A - Achieving/Accomplishing    M - Mastering a skill

NCWSA Most Improved Sailor

This award is to recognize an NCWSA Member that has shown a remarkable improvement in either crew position progress, resourcefulness, skills, or personal achievement throughout this season. All crew positions, including skipper, are eligible for this award.

NCWSA Coach of the Year

This award is to be presented to an individual who may or may not have been on the NCWSA boat during competition. This may be presented to a “Coach” of an NCWSA boat competing in a fleet, or to someone who was acting in an “unofficial” position of coach. This individual will have earned this distinction through the additional time spent in preparation of racing the sailboat, encouraging sailing skills, and helping the NCWSA crew become a cohesive team. (This special honor or recognition may be awarded to a non-NCWSA member or participant).

NCWSA Rookie of the Year

This award is to recognize a NEW NCWSA Member that has sparkled and glistened brighter than any other new NCWSA member. This nominee does not have to be new sailor / racer - just has to be new to NCWSA. This individual will earn this award by excelling with enthusiasm and involvement through all, but not limited to, contributions to: her team, NCWSA, Edgewater Yacht Club, and/or other sailing events throughout this season.

Remember, anyone can nominate another for these awards, but we won’t know who is excelling and shining unless YOU nominate someone!

Submit your nominations (or questions) by September 26th to Nadja Hutchins, Race Chair

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